frequently asked questions


When I click on the Evaluations link in Campus Connect I get the following message: Your login attempt was not successful.  Please try again.  What should I do?

Please complete and submit a trouble ticket by clicking on the Need Help? link at the top of the page. Please be sure to include your name, email address, subject, and a description of your problem including the course you were hoping to evaluate.It is possible that your course is not included in the current evaluations.


What if one or more of my courses is not on the list, the system lists a course that I dropped, or a course is listed that I have never taken?

Not all courses are evaluated. Please do not evaluate a dropped course and do not evaluate a course that you’ve never taken. No further action is required.



The wrong instructor is listed for the course I am evaluating.

Complete the evaluation, and note the name of the correct instructor in the “Comments” section of the evaluation.  Please place three asterisks (***) in the comment, so that it will be recognized as an incorrect instructor.



What if I need to redo my evaluation, because I evaluated the wrong course or the wrong instructor?

Please click the Need Help? link and give us more details about the mistake you’ve made. We may need to reset the evaluation.



What should I do if I cannot complete the evaluation, because I got stuck on one of the pages and could not go back or continue no matter what I clicked on?

This is more than likely happening because you do not have cookies or JavaScript enabled in your web browser.

To see how to enable JavaScript, go to
To ensure cookies are enabled, see



Can my instructor see my results?

No. All student responses to evaluations are completely anonymous (unless you identify yourself within the comment box). Your name and email address are not saved anywhere and cannot be seen by instructors or administrators.



How will you use my email address?

The evaluation system uses your email address to send you evaluation announcements and reminders. Your email address is not gathered in the evaluation, but stored in a separate database, and therefore, cannot be associated with the ratings or comments you make.



How can I get confirmation that I completed my evaluation(s)?

Once you have completed a survey click the green check icon beside your course to send yourself and email confirmation. This must be done while the evaluation is still open.



Can I evaluate a course that is already closed?

No. We cannot re-open an evaluation once it has been closed.



What should I do if the evaluation site does not work?

It may be the internet browser you are using. You may experience trouble accessing the site if you are using an outdated web browser. Please try to access the site by using:

Mozilla Firefox version 18.0 or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or later
Google Chrome version 23 or later.


What should I do if I have questions unrelated to instructor evaluations?

Contact your instructor or your school/institution.



if your problem is not addressed by this FAQ

please click the Need Help? link